Lapis the color of…

The beautiful rich blue lapis lazuli has continuously been mined in Afghanistan for over six thousand years.  Lapis has been used over the centuries to create jewelry, carvings, mosaics and other ornamental pieces.

Lapis was the stone of royalty used by the kings of Egypt for their beautiful carved amulets and seals. Cleopatra used powdered lapis for eye shadow and it was later used by the Renaissance painters to create deep blue ultramarine paints to depict the water, sky and luxurious fabrics in their masterpieces.

I find that the intense blue of lapis adds an element to my work that no other stone can produce.  If you would like to see more gemstone mosaic jewelry please visit  Gray Raven Designs.


Shark in the Water

One of my favorite walking paths is a loop around Northwestern University’s beautiful campus and alongside Lake Michigan. This summer I noticed the arrival of this whimsical graffiti shark. Over the years students have painted the rocks along the shore to create works of art and public statements.  It’s always fun to see the ever-changing collaborative mosaic created by the Northwestern students.

I also use stones to create mosaic art although in a very different manner.  If you would like to see my use of stones  please visit  Gray Raven Designs.