Student Inspiration

As an instructor at The Art Center of Highland Park, I am able to share my love of mosaics with students with a wide range of experience. Some are brand new to art and others have fine arts degrees, though for most this is their first time working with mosaics. This art form has unlimited possibilities that we explore together, and it is wonderful to see the different directions taken.

One of my students, Cindy Robin, has helped me grow as both a teacher and an artist. Her creativity and talent amaze me.  Whenever I introduce new concepts or elements, Cindy jumps in and lets loose with her imagination, vast collection of materials, and skill. Below are just two samples of her wonderful work.

Offerings by Cindy Robin
Our Roots are in the Earth by Cindy Robin

Uninhibited Creativity

Children are universally seen as being pretty creative, whilst us adults struggle to recall how we did it, all those years ago. If we can learn from them, if we can regain their open wonder and talent, what new ideas we could bring into the world! –author unknown

I love working with children. Their lack of inhibition in the creative process is wonderful and inspirational.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with this 13-year-old student over the summer. She was a delight to teach as she eagerly learned about mosaics.  Without hesitation she jumped right in exploring the possibilities of different materials, colors, textures, and compositions.  She is pictured above with a small sample of the numerous wonderful mosaics she created.

For information about mosaic classes and workshops visit The Art Center of Highland Park.