Flowers of Park Güell

I visited Antoni Gaudi’s Park Güell twice while I was in Barcelona, so that I could have time to fully enjoy all aspects of its beauty.  The mosaics (see last post), architecture, and landscape of this park are amazing. Gaudi incorporated natural forms in all aspects of the design. Cascades of blossoms among the structures and a lush field of flowers are among the many natural treasures to enjoy while strolling the grounds.


Spring Blossoms

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of taking a stroll through the Chicago Botanic Garden. Armed with my camera, I met my daughter at the gardens to enjoy some good company, fresh air, exercise and spring blossoms. Below are a few of the beautiful flowers we found.

Last Blooms of Summer

Water Lilies, Chicago Botanical Garden

I love going to the Chicago Botanical Garden because I find it beautiful, peaceful, and inspirational. I took these photos yesterday while enjoying one of the last warm days of summer. When the cold weather sets in I can look back at these water lilies and feel the warmth of that day. My mind is already making connections between their vibrant colors and the gemstones in my collection and I hope to soon share with you the art these connections bring about!

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