Layers of Beauty

Though I love getting inspiration from my surroundings, I often come across images online that really speak to me. A recent Google search led me to the following pieces, all of which utilize texture and layering in unusual ways.

        Piece of Flat Globe Vol.5 (detail)                                      Noriko Ambes

Paper becomes beautiful canyons and valleys with Noriko Ambes’ extraordinary carved paper sculptures.

The Search for Green                                                                 Jeanne Opgenhaffen

Jeanne Opgenhaffen’s mural of layered, overlapping porcelain tiles of varying shades and tones evoke the feeling of movement through a field.


   Transplanted (detail)                                                                       Tara Donovan

Using ripped and stacked tar-paper, Tara Donovan’s installation creates the appearance of the earth’s crust or a lava flow.

All of these textural, multidimensional works of art were created by layering different materials. Through the layering process the materials–no longer identifiable–become something that appears natural and organic.