Nature as Inspiration

“Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature.”
— Cicero

Stroll on the shore.

Walk in the woods.

Gaze at the night sky.

Even just a few minutes with nature can stir the soul of an artist. “I love a beach vacation, spending time relaxing, taking long walks and enjoying the sights and sounds of the waves and a cool breeze, ” says Wendy Gray Raven, the artist behind Gray Raven Designs.

In fact, it was a recent beach vacation that inspired Wendy to create a new series of seascape micro mosaic pieces. The one shown here clearly echoes the colors and patterns of the sea and sky as seen from the oceans’ edge. The hand-cut light and dark apatite and cyanite stones reflect the light just like the ripples on a gentle sea.

We recently ran across some stunning photos of individual grains of sand magnified more 250 times. Click here to see those images for a little more awe-inspiring inspiration.