The Art of Neutrals

The term neutral is often defined as achromatic, meaning colors lacking hue, such as gray, black, or white. While most people understand that blacks, whites and grays are neutral colors, in art, fashion and design, many other colors have been described as neutral, including browns, beiges, and navy blue. Metallics such as gold, silver, pewter and bronze are often considered part of a neutral palette. Pinks, blushes and even reds can sometimes be considered neutral, in that red it can hold its own with many other colors.

Wendy uses neutrals in many different ways in Gray Raven Designs. The pendant above is made from a completely neutral palette in whites, featuring pearls and labradorite. The pendant to the right, by contrast, shows how a neutral such as the black labradorite can accentuate the bolder reds and oranges of the carnelian and calcite stones.

Both these pieces are part of Gray Raven Designs landscape pendant collection. Click on the photo to purchase one of these pieces.