From Stone to Micro Mosaic Art

The term mosaic means a picture or pattern produced by arranging small pieces of stone , tile, glass, or other media. The art form of micro mosaic, creating mosaics using extremely small tesserae (tiles), began in ancient Rome. Unlike paints and tints, which were unstable and often flaked or faded, the color of natural stones and fired tiles retained its vibrancy over time.

In Wendy’s contemporary interpretation of micro mosaics, she uses an array of semi-precious gemstones and minerals that she hand cuts into tiny pieces and places individually to create vibrant textural mosaic jewelry. The gallery above shows the transformation of amethyst from stone to the tiny pieces used in our micro mosaic designs.

This video a brief visual history of the art of mosaics. To purchase the amethyst earrings shown, just click on the picture.